gimme gimme: x3 stacking chairs by marcus moran.

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for me to talk about what I’m currently obsessed with. What better way to traverse the rocky terrain of hump day than to talk about some random, usually exorbitant and quite possibly ridiculous thing that I’ll never own but will continuously obsess over?

So every day I walk home down King Street (well, let’s be honest, not every day… some days I take cabs) past Knoll Studio and I stop and press my mittens up against the glass and fantasize about all the sleek, modern, stark looking chairs that I could (and should) have sitting oh-so-casually in my hallway.

Before we take this further, it’s time I reveal that I have an obsession for two things: see through materials and bright primary colours. Which is why I’m thinking of not eating this month so I can buy these:

x3 stacking chair by Marcus Moran for Knoll Studio.

Say hello to the x3 stacking chair by Marcus Moran for Knoll Studio. Not only are they inspired by the iconic metal grids of sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia’s landmark Diamond Chairbut they’re see through and bright primary-coloured! These are heroin in chair form. Chair nip. If I had a baby, I would sell it for these chairs.

At $331 US a pop, my dream of having four multi-hued x3’s sitting on my patio as I sip mojitos and gaze serenely into the future suddenly seemed a bit more decadent than I’d originally planned. I suppose they’re worth it because each chair is created by “the bi-injection of transparent polycarbonate and a desmopan colored lattice”. Whatever, I want them just for the cute colour names that these babies come in: Tangerine, Sapphire, Lime, Clear Silver, Clear Gold and Smoke. I’ll take two of each!



  1. PRATHIBHA says:

    Kindly send us the details regarding the purchase of these chairs.

  2. This looks so beautiful. Very nicely done. I like the post with such a nice material which is much informative. Thank you for the information you provided.

  3. You should become better friends with me to abuse my designer discount.

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