fernando brizio: somewhere over the rainbowl

Resistance is futile. When I die I want to be cremated and have my ashes buried in this vase.


 ‘Painting with Giotto #1’ by Fernando Brizio

The chromatic patterns in this piece by Portugese artist Fernando Brizio were created by embedding a bunch of felt-tipped markers into the lip of the vase. As the multi-hued inks leak into the porous ceramic, they bleed together and create an absolutely unique piece. He only produced 20 of these little beauties, and the price on his site is listed as “price on demand”. Which, translated into layman’s terms, means “don’t even think about it, po’ boy”.

Via Design Klub



  1. too sick says:

    this looks so sick…………………………OMG………….I WISH I HAD THAT

  2. Jers.. I love this… this might possibly the coolest vase I have ever seen….

  3. Rebekah K says:

    Jer, this is the most amazing vase I have ever seen…I love the whole concept of it…everything…

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