harvey nichols: they shoot models, don’t they?

This viral didn’t turn out to actually be about what I thought it was about. Watch it first, then read on…

(Agency: DDB London)

See what I mean? I thought we were watching some sort of PSA-ish comment on the ruthlessness of the fashion industry / anorexia / kate moss / marginalization of women with the whole mental flip-flop of “if we wouldn’t do this to an animal, we shouldn’t do it to Gisele” thrown in. Maybe a bit odd coming from a department store, but every market has the right to ride the consumer awareness wave now and then.

But after digging deeper on the Harvey Nichols site, it turns out the whole Foodmarket AW07 catwalk thing is really to sell gourmet foods online. For real. Like “Gloucester Old Spot Pork Sausage” made with Amalfi Coast Lemons.

In the end, we’re openly acknowledging that the models are animals and the glamour of fashion is being used to encourage us to buy meat made from the Ostrich/Naomi Campbell that we killed once she finished her last walk. We’re not turning the models into false icons of unattainable feminine perfection… we’re turning them into sausage.

This makes me feel totally weird. I’ve spent some time thinking about it and I’ve decided I don’t like this spot. Which is completely beside the point, because I’ve now expended so much energy thinking about it and Harvey Nichols that I’ve proven how wildly effective this viral really is. Damn them…

Via Adverblog


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