dulcolax: number two.

We all know, whether in the ad industry or not, that some products are social minefields because of the various bodily fluids and excretions that the product is attempting to stop (diarrhea), encourage (sexual lubricant), or create complete public denial over the true nature of (menstruation). Due to the advertising industry’s puritan love-and-sunshine portrayals, I believed all women’s periods consisted of clear blue liquid happily flowing into a cloud-like white pad until I was 12.

It’s refreshing sometimes to just call a spade a spade. Or in the case of these gigantic empty toilet paper rolls set up in Germany for Dulcolax, to just call people on their shit.


Agency: Euro RSCG Dusseldorf (Copywriter Kajo Titus Strauch ad Art Director Ingmar Krannich)

Via Ad Goodness



  1. you are so clever…. i dig the way you write…


  1. […] Dulcolax®, stimolando i movimenti fisiologici della muscolatura intestinale, denominati peristalsi, aiuta […]

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