durex: last longer.

Dead puppies. Antarctica. Kissing your Mom…

Here’s further proof that other countries are cooler than us. As part of the Durex “Last Longer” campaign, DDB Auckland handed out these limited edition pillow cases at New Zealand’s Erotica. Not only did Durex’s sales rise 28%, but demand for the pillows was so huge that they were actually re-printed and sold at sex shops – obviously stretching not only the brand legs of the campaign but also reaching all the other consumers who might be a little too shy to have gone to Erotica in person.


The concept is more interesting than just overt sex: You’re boning someone hot, you want to rock their world, so you make sure you “last longer” by looking at these (hilariously) disgusting pillows. They’re gross. I’m disturbed and intrigued and entertained and a little nauseated all at once. “I can’t look… I can’t look away… I can’t look!” It’s like slowing down at the scene of an accident… and we all know everyone does that.

Via Ad Sneeze



  1. freakin hillarious 😀

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