declare independence: björk + michel gondry

Most people think Björk is bat shit crazy. I’m not here to either dispute or confirm that. Personally, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for her ever since I fell in love with Post. Anyone who tries to claim they weren’t even a little moved by the soul-wrenching performance she surprised everyone with in Dancer In The Dark is just being an asshole.

Like her or hate her, she’s undeniably on the forefront of all things artistic: beats, live performance, digital instrumentation (check out The Reactable that she blew people’s minds with on her 2007 tour), and definitely videos. Her visual interpretations of her songs are just as undeniably unique and uncompromising as the music itself. This is in no small part to her long artistic mind-melding with French director Michel Gondry. Which would help explain why a lot of her videos are like 4-minute dream sequences that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind left on the cutting room floor.

This much-heralded collab continues with the latest single from Volta. I like this video, but I don’t love it. But, as with all things Björk, it’s most definitely worth talking about:


Whatcha Thinkin?

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