stop the traffik: put on the red light.

I’m not sure if this is meaningful or just moderately funny. Despite the absolute seriousness of the topic, I think this is only going to get attention based on the sensationalism of the idea rather than it’s true effectiveness. Although, sensationalism is a level of effectiveness unto itself.

Stop the Traffik is a UN-based program to spread awareness on the plight of human trafficking. At a recent career fair in London, an installation secretly orchestrated by Duval Guillaume Antwerp tricked young women into a booth under the guise of “job opportunities abroad”. Once inside the women found themselves in a red-velvet draped plexi-glass display box with a pink boa thrown in for good measure. Though lacking in subtlety (do hookers still wear boas?) the idea is interesting and anything that can shed attention on the hundreds of thousands of women and girls sold into sexual slavery is obviously a good thing.

I feel half-hearted when I watch this. The cause is so dire yet the dumb-founded look on their faces isn’t really haunting – it’s more amusing. Or boring. Or puzzling. Or perplexing. I’m not sure what could have made their responses more effective. I realize that actually forcing each woman to have sex with strangers wasn’t a viable option (though that would really have driven the point home). It’s a lot like watching a really bad Candid Camera. Should I be laughing? Should I be shocked?

After the expended energy of trying to figure out what to feel, I end up feeling nothing.

Via Ad Gabber



  1. i don’t think that the video is very effective but being one of the girls walking in that room (window) would definitely make me think at least for a second what kind of prison some women are forced to live in because they don’t have the means or don’t know how to get out of it.

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