the game over project: human tetris.

It’s been a fruitful week in my on-going quest to dig up all things Tetris. The cultural obsession surrounding the little game that could knows no bounds. First, we had Mikontalo Tetris. Now we’ve discovered the old skool arcade glory that is Swiss artist/designer Guillaume Reymond’s Game Over Project.

The Game Over Project is a series of stop-motion video performance pieces where Reymond re-enacts classic games with real live humans as pixels. It’s almost hypnotically entertaining – much like playing Tetris itself. I also have no words to express how happy it makes me that someone (in my mind, it’s Reymond himself) physically sings the little Russian folk ditty/ Tetris song. It’s familiarity is immediate and nostalgic to the max.

It took over four hours of shooting 88 people to get the 880 shots that comprise the Tetris video. But it gets better. Earlier installations in the series include Space Invaders, Pole Position, and – get ready for it – Pong. That’s right. People Pong.

See the full four Game Over Project videos by reading on.

Via Queerty

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