it’s a sink + it’s a tub = it’s a stub!

Design can’t get too modern for me. I would live in a lucite spaceship if I could just find one in my price range. Bathroom design is particularly adventurous. My theory is that things like beds and chairs have 700+ years of King Louis XXIV four-poster colonial baroque nonsense for designers to get over. Bathrooms haven’t been around that long, so they’re one step ahead. Bring on the stark white uber-modernism!

Whenever I start to daydream about the perfect bathroom, my lap top somehow drifts over to Wow Bathrooms. Horrendous site name (was “Bathrooms R Us” already taken?) but an awesome site.


Enter the Visentin Ice Light LED Chromatherapy shower. That’s right… chromatherapy. Besides being a big transparent rectangle (which alone would have been enough for me) the Ice Light shower changes colours. Just waking up? Set the shower for “warm” and get some sunshiny reds and yellows. Stressed from work? Choose “relaxing” and shower within the calm blue ocean blues and greens. The only thing it doesn’t do is shoot scented oils at you. Which would be a good idea. I’m going to invent a 5 sensory shower that has various massage settings, changes colour, shoots scented oils at you, plays music, and dilutes Crystal Light in the water so you can drink it. It will be called The Sensewer.

But what if I want to take a bath? Check out The Stub (that’s what I’ve named it, anyway) by Us Together. Part of their Ebb Bathroom line, it’s a one-piece modular sink and bathtub.


Via Wow Bathrooms


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