my hard on for wood wood.

This is the story of how I became obsessed with Copenhagen-based designers wood wood. A year ago, during some random magazine perusal, I came across The Tee Shirt. Yes, the capitalization is intentional because this was not just any tee shirt, but The Tee Shirt…


C’mon! It’s a rainbow turned into a sad face and it’s Scandinavian. What more do you need? I went online to find The Tee Shirt. Being a little strapped for cash at the time, I balked when I found out that with shipping it would come to $150 CAD… for a tee shirt. But not really, since this was The Tee Shirt. I heard my Mom deride “it’s just a tee shirt”. I heard my friends scream “but it’s The Tee Shirt!”. Screw you, Mom. It was destined to be mine.

To try and save on the shipping, I commenced a series of harrassing phone calls and emails to every elite North American store, site, and store-site I could fine that carried wood wood. Turns out, wood wood isn’t exactly Abercrombie & Fitch. These exclusively (and elusively) stylish Danes were hard to track down anywhere else. The Rainbow tee was ever harder to find. The fruitless search wore me down and in the end I decided to be responsible. Adult. Frugal, even. I declared to myself that I would not get The Tee Shirt. I sacrificed fashion for logic.

What the fuck was I thinking?

A week later I shot up out of my bed, panic stricken in the dead of night. I needed The Tee Shirt. Money ain’t a thing, I told myself. Money ain’t a thing… I went online with credit card in hand ready to do whatever it took. The load got lighter and the world got brighter as I approached the online check-out. Glory and trumpets and fashion dominance on the horizon. Time to pick a size… and then disaster. The Smalls were gone. No problem, I’m versatile. The Mediums were gone. Large… LARGE! Who wears a Large? Certainly not anyone ordering wood wood, because only the Large and (dear Lord…) Extra Large were left. I returned to bed twice defeated.

Why I hadn’t yet learned from my self-inflicted lesson in fashion procrastination I’ll never know. The Tee Shirt haunted me. I saw rainbows where there were none. Every other tee shirt paled in it’s inadequacy. Every scenester one-of-a-kind tee shirt wearing wannabe I saw swaggering around would be skooled by The Tee Shirt. But nobody knew, because I didn’t have it. I went back online…

The Larges were gone. The Extra Larges were gone. The gods were laughing.


So this year I got smarter. The only thing separating us from the animals is our ability to accessorize (thank you Steel Magnolias). When I came across The Scarf on New Dandyism there was no hesitation. No second guessing. It’s a brightly-coloured patterned scarf with Space Invaders on it… and it’s from wood wood. The universe was giving me a shot at style redemption. And I took it.



  1. jjhni hhuin says:


  2. try searching for wood wood on this webpage:

  3. Fredrik says:

    I know the feeling! Missed up on buying the boys dont cry tee…

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