burger king: whopper freakout.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky continues it’s viral brilliance for Burger King with Whopper Freakout. Basically, they took over a BK for a day and told people that the Whopper had been discontinued: fake newspapers reporters, big black Xs on the menu boards and all. Hidden cameras catch the stunned, the speechless, and the mentally unstable go ape shit as they try to come with the mind-bending realization that the Whopper is no longer.

Not only is it entertaining, but when finally the poor transfatties are let in on the joke and are reunited with their Whoppers, the looks of relief and pure joy on their faces are probably the most heartfelt advertising a fast food burger could hope to get.

People are going to debate if this is fake or not, which is precisely one of the points of it. Get people talking. If it is fake, then these are some of the most brilliant improvisational actors ever. If it’s real, then equally awesome. Either way this will spread like wildfire so BK and CP+B are winners all.



  1. […] king: whopper virgins. 11 12 2008 Following in the much-buzzed about footsteps of “Whopper Freakout” (which was released around the same time last year, coincidentally) comes the latest Burger King […]

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