random website friday: COLOURlovers.

How I’ve lived so many years of my life without COLOURlovers I’ll never know. This site is mental candy. Highly addictive creative mental candy.


Described as a “Colour + Design Community for Creative Inspiration”, the site lives up to it’s name and delivers inspiration in spades. Simple to navigate, you can discover new artists in it’s extensive blog or create your own colours, palettes, and patterns. Spread them around, search through others’, send them a love note if you’re into what they’ve done, or create your own palettes and patterns from other people’s work. The site links everything together seamlessly so credit is always given where credit is due and you can also follow a line of creativity and design between different people from around the world.

To me, the best part are the palettes. Not just from the formations of colour, but because each one is named by it’s creator. Like the world’s most succinct poetry, exploring the various chromatic connections between the names inspired by the colours (or the colours inspired by the names) is frighteningly addictive. We’re talking Tetris-addictive.

When I signed up , there were already a whopping 234,097 palettes. A side-bar on the page shows the latest palettes and patterns as they’re created, and several new ones are added each minute. It’s a constant stream of creativity and you can’t help but jump in.

This is my first palette, bleu comme le ciel:

Yeah, I like blue. I was only able to make it through 500 of the palettes, but keep reading to check out my ten faves (in no particular order):


fresh cut day

Giant Goldfish


Edible Acid Puddle

80s Parrotfish

Fresh Fruit

World Wide Cinnamon

Mirage Redux

Sugar Marrow

Beaujolais Nouveau



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