tori amos will kick your ass.

Tori Amos is the shit. She’s spent literal years touring and plays live music in a way that most people just don’t do anymore. That should command a certain respect from an audience.

Tori is my favourite human being on Earth. Most people I know also think she’s crazy. Not totally bat shit crazy like Björk, but still pretty special. I was hesitant to post this when I first found it because I was worried people would take it the wrong way. That lasted about half a second because this clip brings me happiness in a way I can’t fully express.

Play the vid and fast forward to 2:25. Basically, Tori kicks two girls out of her show in the middle of a song…

That’s right bitches. Up and out the door. In case you didn’t catch it, she said “Get the fuck out of my show! It’s a privilege to sit in the front row and I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music.” As someone who was lucky enough to sit front row at a Tori concert and not get kicked out, the only logical conclusion to come to is that Tori personally feels that I appreciate music. I always knew she understood me.

Via Dlisted



  1. All I can say is good for her.
    I gotta tell you–I was at the Bjork show in Radio City. I had seats way in the back. I was ASTONISHED by the number of disrespectful assholes who kept getting up and leaving and coming back and getting up and leaving and coming back again. I can only imagine that if she had seen it happening, Bjork would have done the same thing Tori did.
    What happened to respect? Sit down, shut the fuck up, watch and listen–dance, even–but give these artists some respect and leave your cellphones at home, you self-centered motherfuckers!

  2. I have a strange sensation burning in my groin that Tori would, perhaps, rape every inmate at a woman’s penitentiary…definitely not bat shit crazy, but holy fuck…the other sad conclusion to this tale being that an entire cult (and I do not use the word lightly) has these two individuals names and artist renderings and will do everything within their power to rectify the wrongs done against Lord Amos.
    my thoughts……

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