niedermeyer: osama camera.

Here’s a new print ad for Niedermeyer Cameras. Um, ok. So, not that I’m necessarily shocked by this, but I just find it really sort of mind-blowing that we’re using Osama Bin Laden to sell things (besides the War on Terror… he sold that really well). I’m not coming from any sort of neo-conservative “support our troops” standpoint. I don’t think anything should ever be off limits. I think I’m just surprised that the US manhunt for Osama is so engrained in the worldwide culture that it could be used to sell something as banal as a camera.

Besides that, the ad also makes total sense purely from it’s marketing pitch: hunt for Osama – can’t find him – got a camera – zooms really good – there’s Osama – great camera. Isn’t that, I dunno… just weird?


It’s also an odd statement on how the omnipresence of advertising has made it at least reasonable to market a product on this type of situation. I don’t care if people find it offensive or not (people are way too easily offended, in my opinion). I’m more interested that this was seen, by some camera company, as a viable idea. I’m pretty sure that up to this point we wouldn’t have used Hitler or Pol Pot or Stalin to sell electronics. Unless you’re in North Korea, of course. In which case you’re only using dictators to sell electronics. But that’s a whole other story…


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