nick foley: …and a partridge in a LED pear tree.

Wednesday. The universally-loathed bastard child of the week. And time for another edition of obsessed with… Wednesdays.

My obsession this week delves futher into my love for the collision of the organic and the modern. Equally cool is when the organic is re-created by the modern, like in this simply awesome Pear Light by American industrial designer Nick Foley.


The steel tree is hollow hand-forged steel (I don’t even want to think about how long that took) and bears three individual LED pear lights. Connected with rare earth magnets that enhance the realism of the tree, the pears can literally be “picked” and taken anywhere. They stay lit for about an hour on their own and can be recharged just by being magnetically reattached to the tree. Ah-may-zing. If any generous benefactors (or if you’re just stupid rich) are reading this and would like to buy me my very own Pear Light, please email me. I’ll totally put out.

Via enviro-friendly design site Inhabitat



  1. I just realized that this is your blog, another way to stalk you, and that you are my “smart person” translator. My elementary thoughts are your wirtten words. Can I carry you in my pocket??

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