vessel: the perfect drink.

This is the kind of futuristic brainstorming I love. This idea is so cool I’m thoroughly disappointed that it’s just that – an idea. is a site that fully conceptualizes ground-breaking (though still fictional) products that are openly collaborated on by it’s members. From that springboard comes Vessel – the world’s first personalized custom beverage.

Vessel would let you create your ideal drink by blending Base (a nutrient combo you’d select based on your gender and age), Flavour (this one’s pretty self-explanatory), and Agent (add different kinds of vitamins, proteins, energy boosters, etc). Depending on how many different Flavours and Agents you mix, there would be a limitless number of drinks you could invent for yourself. Personally, I would add vodka. Or maybe mojito mix.





  1. Thanks for posting our work on your blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Just an FYI, we’re about to post more concepts in a few weeks around the theme of “energy.” Check back soon!

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