daniel eatock: pantone pen prints.

It’s becoming clear to me that I need to spend more time letting the ink from pens leak into the world around me. First Fernando Brizio beat me to the punch with his stellar bowl and now UK artist Daniel Eatock has followed a similar method for his prints.


He arranged a set of ink pens in the colour spectrum and let them rest upside down on 500 sheets of paper for a month. At the end, the ink had seeped through 73 sheets and created, as you can see, beautiful and organic clouds of colour.

Each of the 73 works was numbered and priced based on how far it rested in the stack. Number 1/73 was furthest from the top (and so got the least amount of colour) and was priced at £1. 73/73, the most brilliant and thickly coloured of the group, was valued at £73. Easy as that.

Besides being astonished at how cheap these are, it’s the wonderful simplicity of the whole project – from the idea to the execution to the pricing itself – that I love so much.

Having been inspired, I’m currently lying in bed with 100 uncapped Crayola markers rolling around my white sheets. I’m hoping for big things. I’ll let you all know how it turns out…




  1. LOL.. That hilarious… Any update on this or you too covered in ink?


  1. […] Daniel Eatock – Pantone Pen Prints […]

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