jun tsuzuki: synchronicity.

As the world gets flatter, it’s not shocking how many new ways we find to reach out to strangers around the world. This time the surprise is that we’re not doing it with messages of the once-in-a-lifetime, but of the everyday.


In 2005 Jun Tsuzuki began Synchronicity – an online snapshot of what folks around the world are doing at the exact same instant. The project gives a pre-determined time and at that exact moment you take a pic of whatever you’re honestly doing: sitting, driving, eating Cheerios…It’s the addictive banality of Twitter mixed with the permanency of a photograph. Except that the goal isn’t to capture an epic moment, but a collaborative moment – the recognition and proof that all of us, everywhere, must be doing something all the time. Normally something boring.While you’re watching Heroes some dude in Copenhagen is eating a sandwich – oh wow! Still, it’s that very commonality that’s so interesting. Despite how mundane these shared moments may seem the result of comparing this one-second of our global daily life is totally fascinating.

Synchronicity is an on-going project open to everyone with a clock and a camera. Even if you’ve got nothing better to do than floss and walk the dog, the world wants to see. Unless you want to masturbate – in which case Xtube wants to see.

Via Cool Hunting


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