ugo rondinone + nmca = hell, yes!

This is so totally random that you gotta’ love it. That’s right… admit it. You love it. Don’t even try and convince yourself that you don’t, because deep down inside you know you do. It’s a big mother rainbow fruitbowl “Hell, Yes!” sign, and you wish it was on your own house.


The Bowery’s stunning New Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Japanese architectural team SANAA, is the first museum in New York City ever built right from the ground up. In all of it’s new contemporary hyper-coolness, NMCA has attached Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s rainbow-brite 2001 Hell, Yes! to it’s outer façade. The New Museum’s website says that “since 1997, Rondinone has included the practice of making signs in his varied oeuvre. He takes phrases from pop songs and everyday exclamations and makes them into rainbow-hued, neon-lit sculptures that are joyous affirmations of love and life.”

Ugo sounds like a happy guy to me. All sunshine and lollipops and good times. And he made a colossal sign that looks like a school-girls barrette circa 1986. I love this man and desperately want to take him shopping.



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