skittles: “touch”.

Creativity Online recently announced that it’s most-watched TV/Video spot of 2007 was the much buzzed about Skittles “Touch”.

In case you’re not a huge ad nerd like I am, you might not have seen it. And you’d be missing out. So even though this has already been around the web five times, in honour of it’s latest accolade here’s one more posting…

(Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day – New York)



  1. gaycondo says:

    That’s actually kind of sad. I feel like this isn’t the first fucked up candy commercial I’ve seen…
    Oh wait.
    That’s because I’ve seen several M&M ads in my life, most invloving either anthropomorphized large MMs being murdered by hot ladies, or anthropomorphized mini’s committing suicide by flying into people’s mouths… seriously fucked.

  2. flyingg says:

    Thanks for sharing that ad. I hadn’t seen it before and it’s awesome!

  3. A thoroughly entertaining ad. Too bad Skittles make me poo.


  1. […] don’t apologize for it. In the same bizzaro-world vein of past hits “Pinata” and “Touch”, director/copywriter Brendan Hearne created this spec spot for Skittles. It’s so far gone and […]

  2. […] that’s exactly what happened in last year’s amazing Skittles spot “Touch”. You remember him – the poor, beleagured man with the Midas-Skittles touch. Everything he laid hands on turned into a […]

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