still awesome: ikea’s tidy up.

Most of the time I’m concerned with what the newest, hottest things are. And that would mean I’m ignoring a lot of cool stuff. Thus, I give you Still Awesome. Looks back at some amazing ads that everyone should check out.

To kick it all off we’ve got Ikea’s hilarious Tidy Up campaign. God bless Sweden – they’re just not as hung up on everything as the rest of us are. Even for Northern Europe they’re ahead of the curve. What could be better than that? How about French Ikea. Now you know that’s a company that really doesn’t give a shit what you think is acceptable.

Tidy Up was originally created for French Ikea by Leagas Delaney Paris in 2001. The five 30-second spots were targeted to youth in an effort to break their brand association of Ikea as the place their parents by wooden kitchen chairs. Tidy Up was such a hit in France that it was translated and used all over Europe.

Though these spots travel all over the web as “banned” and “censored Ikea ad”, they were never censored become Europe is cool enough to not censor stuff. Probably the misconception was started by posters coming across the ads who rightfully assumed they were too scandalous to play in North America, when in fact the ads were never intended to run there at all.

This little gem, “Sous La Pagaille (Under the Mess)” is my fave. It just dares people with no sense of humour to get all uppity:

Then we’ve got “Petites Voitures (Little Cars)”. This one’s just as good:

So far we’ve covered child abuse and sex toys. We move on to “Spaghetti” (I guess in French it’s “Le Spaghetti”):

I think the fourth, “Robot” (….”La Robot”?), would have the best chance of playing here. Maybe that’s wishful thinking:

And to finish it all of, here’s “La Fourchette (The Fork)”:



  1. oh dear… I actually LOL at the baby ad. hmmm, does that make me a bad person?


  1. […] and human rights with their forward-thinking depictions of “families” – check out my post on their hilarious and controversial ‘Tidy Up” campaign) to create […]

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