jeremy huchison: we are multicolored.

This article also appeared on Josh Spear

As digital artist in residence for the NYC’s Lower East Side Tenement Museum, graphic artist Jeremy Huchison’s latest project is a study of what happens when people explore the grandiosities of nationality in a more personal light.


We Are Multicolored
asks visitors to answer three simple questions “Where is your home?” “What other country has affected you?” and “Where have you dreamed of going?” Supplied with the flags of the three nations you answered, you then use the project’s design tool to develop your own personal flag.

By distilling their own experiences and self-image through the globally-recognized act of producing a flag, each person is given a chance to investigate which nationalities, cultures, and plain ol’ personal design styles they would choose to represent that essence of themselves to the rest of the world.

Every time a personal flag is created it’s added to a “superflag” – a continuously shifting tapestry made of all the flags created on the site. Users can click on any individual flag to learn about the person it represents and why they chose the nations they did.

Here’s my flag. It sucks but it means well. Aside from telling us that I should never pursue a career as a graphic design or flagmaker, it’s made up from the flags of Canada (where I live), Sweden (where I want to live), and Madagascar (where the best vanilla comes from).



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