australia: ipods will kill you.

In a recently launched print campaign, created for the New South Wales Police by DDB Sydney, the message is clear: your iPod will kill you.


These ads are clearly ridiculous. If anyone offered me an iPod with headphone cords long enough to wrap a chalk line around someone, I’d save them the trauma of the accident and just murder them for it. A little sensationalism never hurts when promoting public safety, I suppose, but I combed the NSWP site and couldn’t find any hard data or stats that backed up their claim that iPod-caused road deaths have reached the “epidemic proportions” they claim.


What I find most interesting about these ads are that they have an obvious iPod lying next to the corpse. I’m don’t know what Apple’s official feelings might be, but the online fan-geeks are already up in arms over the slandering of the beloved music player. Let’s face it: an iPod is now as necessary as a mobile phone. Since your mobile phone’s will give you brain cancer and now your iPod will get your hit by a bus, it’s a surprise there are still so many mobile-phone chatting iPod-listening young people still walking around. We should really all be dead by now.



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