macbook air.

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It’s Apple’s world. We just live in it. Right when you think they might chill for a bit, they start dropping innovations as if it’s just another day. Which, for them, it sorta is.


The new MacBook Air is so thin it slides inside an envelope. Weighing only 3 pounds, it’s a mere .76 inches at its thickest point and at it’s thinnest is a shocking .16 inches. Innovations in the screen and keyboard, the two areas that cause the bulk in most laptops, allowed them to slim it down so much. A 13.3 inch wide LED display saves room and battery life, while the full-size backlit keyboard’s ambient light sensor alters the keyboard’s brightness depending on how dark your environment is. Like when surfing porn…

The enlarged trackpad has built in the ease-of-use innovations from the iPhone and iPod Touch: pinch and drag with two fingers to automatically zoom in and out and use the good ol’ finger-swipe technique to scroll through websites in Safari. Their new port hatch fits into the smooth design and clicks open when you need headphones or the USB. Then shut it when you don’t.

In order to ditch the optical drive, they’ve created Remote Disc so you can wirelessly download CD or DVD software from other Macs in the vicinity. Basically, you jack their drive for a while so that you don’t have to carry around your own. If you want to backup your files, the new Time Capsule uses OS X Leopard’s Time Machine to not only automatically but also wirelessly send your stuff to an external drive. You can forget about the FireWire, too. When you open up your new Air the Setup Assistant helps you wirelessly download iTunes, iPhoto, and all your other treasures from your old Mac. Long story short: no wires. Ever.


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