marti guixé: gin and tonic fog party.

The Dutch excel beyond the rest of the world when it comes to finding new ways to get fucked up. Here’s another one. Dutch commercial designer, forward thinker, and all around good time guy Marti Guixé is my new favourite person. His Gat Fog party featured a room filled with fog made from gin and tonic. That’s right. He hotboxed the whole place with Beefeater.

tonic1.jpg tonic2.jpg

I have deep respect for the way the girl in this picture is getting her face right in there. That’s right, bitches – breathe deep.

Held at Casco Projects – the “Office for Art, Design and Theory” – the party used meteorological technology normally used for cultural farming to create the installation. My favourite part of the whole thing (as if breathing alcohol wasn’t enough) are the safety signs they used out front:

warning11.jpg warning4.jpg

“Danger – The Air Contains Alcohol”. Easily the most enticing warning message I’ve ever read and, completely contrary to it’s nature, it makes me feel little to no danger whatsoever. Only happiness. And joy. And an overwhelming desire to move to Holland.

I need this machine. I need it in my house. My office would be good too. Preferably I could just travel around with the mobile version of it, and take a puff when I need à la Céline Dion’s “saline sinus treatments”.



  1. sorry I am very late with this, you probably know by now, but…Martí Guixé is a Catalan designer ;).

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