adi meirtchak + adva noach: gum pile chair.

Ah, the ol’ gum under the chair. Brings back memories of high school: slouching down in some hard wooden seat mentally preparing yourself for the soul-sucking agony that is, say… physics. Or in my case physics, chemisty, algebra, calculus or any other left-brained pursuit. Except for biology – that was fun because it had animals.

But anyway, you’re in physics and you reach under to grab your backpack only to rub up against some nasty, calcified, Cretaceous-area wad of petrified gum. That’s gross.

Oddly, as in the work of Israeli industrial designers Adi Meirtchak and Adva Noach, if you stick several thousand pieces of gum to the bottom of a chair, it’s art. Don’t ask. It just is.




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