design police: “bringing bad design to justice”.

An edited version of this article also appeared on Josh Spear

The visually conscious (or sometimes visually obsessive) among us see it everywhere: bad colour combos, heinous spacing, over-sized logos, and – gasp – excessive use of Helvetica!


Now the design-minded have the means to take control… if taking control means slapping a sticker on a poster and running back to the Mac like a little girl. Design Police’s downloadable Visual Enforcement Kit gives you a series of offense-marking stickers to gleefully place on bad kerning and other layout tragedies whenever you see fit. These five comprehensive pages of design-geek glory cover the gamut of offenses from “Do not use clip art!“ to “turn off the CAPS LOCK”. My personal fave is “Hire a copywriter”. Amen to that.

If this is making any sense to you so far you’re probably a design geek – maybe even that particular sub-species… the font geek. If you’re curious as to your own design/font geek status then here’s an easy litmus test – if you find the “Comic Sans is illegal” sticker amusing, then congratulations. Don’t worry – I’m a font geek too. Despite the general mutterings I sometimes I hear from those around me about my incessant use of Arial Rounded MT Bold, I don’t care. It’s my fave:


I often flirt with the idea of cheating on it with Helvetica, but in the end I always come back to my baby. Long live Arial Rounded MT Bold!


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