oslo subway: tunnel of light project.

It pains me to look at this. Living in a city (Toronto) whose transit system (the TTC) lies somewhere on the public opinion scale between being an abomination or a total joke, I can’t even fathom experiencing anything this ethereally beautiful during my daily transit excursions. An “art installation” on the TTC is anytime they manage to put cardboard over the gaping holes in the tiled walls – unless you can consider ceiling drips an aquatic sculpture of some kind.

Not in Oslo, Norway. Leave it to those damned Nordic geniuses to not only have a public transit system that works, but to actually put effort into making it an experience. It doesn’t take a massive amount of effort to create a difference between dragging your ass to work in some dirty grey afterthought and being subtly motivated to go to work and turn your country into a design superpower. They’ve obviously gone for the latter.

Built around an escalator in Oslo’s Nydalen subway station, this 27 metre translucent glass tunnel houses a brilliant shifting light installation created by a team of artists let by the station’s architect Kristin Jarmund.


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