bottles and cups and global warming. oh my.

In the wake of our collective environmental awakening, I’ve noticed a trend among designers to make everything old new again. New and re-usable; creating old familiar faves out of materials that you don’t have to feel eco-shame for using. These new goods will hopefully remind you of the old skool days when you could throw away coffee cups with wanton abandon and not think about your grandchildren or the sea level.

My favourite is “I Am Not A Paper Cup…” from DCI Product:


It’s a porcelain cup with a silicon lid. Re-usable, dishwasher safe, and pretty much guilt free. Until we find out that the creation of porcelain gives sea horses cancer or something. But until then, it’s good to go. If water is more your thing, the Italian glass-designers Seletti have you covered with these plastic-bottle inspired glass water bottles. Something about them makes me want to smash them… I’m not sure what. Maybe to give our old chemical-ridden buddy plastic a fighting chance again.

Whatcha Thinkin?

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