826LA: the echo park time travel mart.

Sometimes I come across something that’s so nut-bustingly rad, so pure win, so totally fucking awesome that I’m not sure what to say. This is one of those times. Behold the glory that is the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

826LA is a non-profit writing and tutoring centre whose mission is two-fold: inspire kids to explore creative writing and inspire teachers to make it happen. Part of a national network of chapters across the US, 826 was co-founded by Dave Eggers, author of the brilliant “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius“. Clearly, these guys and gals are thinking outside of the box. That’s why they created the Echo Part Time Travel Mart as the store front to their new free writing lab. Sometimes, a door and foyer just isn’t cool enough…

Having it’s grand opening to the public last week, the Mart is fully stocked with all your various time travel needs:





Yes, you read that right. Mammoth Chunks. A-may-zing. Besides the unbridled fun of it all, the amount of detail and total commitment to fully flesh out each product blows my mind. They’ve also got a series of wines whose names come from the political and social ideologies of the year they were vintaged. It’s a history major’s wet dream. The wines include Nihilism (bottled in 1901), Optimism (1967), Romanticism (1818), Reaganism (1983), Socialism (1866), and Antidisestablishmentarianism (1871).

The crown jewel in this masterpiece is the space-age Slushee machine, complete with time-travelling out of order sign:


Imagine being a young writer and walking through all that full-on creativity before you get down to writing? Talk about inspiration, this makes me want to move to LA just to volunteer. 826 is my new favourite thing. If you’re in the LA area, 826LA is looking for good folks to help out with its tutoring and workshop programs. Send an email to iwanttohelp(at)862la(dot)com.


  1. Dude, that is amazing! I love the Australian Penal Colony part ^_^

  2. Steve says:

    WOW…I am a time travelier who lost his time machine. I am stuck in the early part of the 21st century. I would appreciate any help you can provide in locating my machine and helping me return home.

  3. Eggers should stick to writing. This idea blows, big time.

  4. therabidaardvark says:

    I will totally check this out in March.

  5. sedgehammer says:

    Man this is awesome! It’s like the rapid eating of my Time-Freezy Hyper Slush gave me an ice cream headache and exploded my brain!

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