studio m: happy pills.

Candy is awesome. Drugs are awesome. Candy + Drugs = Mega Awesome.

Um, what I meant to say was Candy is Awesome. Store-bought drugs that are legally sanctioned by the government are awesome. Candy + Tylenol = ….ah, screw it.


Designed in Barcelona by studio m, Happy Pills is a modern day collision between confectionary and apothecary. The store, literally wedged between two large buildings, might go unnoticed if not for the acid-pink Red Cross logo above it’s door. Inside, the pharmaceutical design bend is consistent: jellybean filled pill bottles and fully-stocked “first aid kits” line the shelves, or you can self-medicate by filling up bottles with your candy of choice. My personal fave are the handy “morning-afternoon-night” pill holders, just to make sure your sugar-toothing stays on schedule.




  1. Hi , i am looking to reach happy pills too , did you get the contact ? thank you so much xxx

  2. anabella yarto says:

    Please let me know if studio m have franchise of the candy store in Bracelona called happy pills, please let me know where can i reached thwm

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