adidas australia: originals festival.

Adidas never lets me down. Just like The West Wing or Golden Grahms or Tori Amos, I can depend on Adidas to do what I need it to. If that includes creating a full-blown 8-bit pixellated website that invites you to create your perfect summer music festival, that I guess that’s what I need right now. I trust Adidas that much. If Adidas gave me Kool-Aid, I would drink it.


The Originals Festival website is candy. Besides giving you that old-skool Commodore 64 feel that makes me feel warm all over, it lets you pick your dream line-up for a healthy list of scenester bands, DJs, and folk heroes. Then it gives you a box full of design tools to create a poster worthy of your earth-shatteringly cool headliners. It’s easy enough that design-fans like myself can have some fun with it, but complex enough that an actual graphics expert could do some seriously good shit. Once you’re done, people vote on which fests they’d be into and which suck. The winner gets a trip to the Berlin Festival and a shopping spree and all that stuff. Of course, it wasn’t until after I’d done the whole thing that I realized you had to be an Australian resident to officially enter. Feat not, no matter where you live everyone can add their own festival for voting.

Here’s my poster. I went for a heavy electro vibe, a little hippie-folk, and topped it off with M.I.A.


Via Adverblog



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