julia fullerton-batten: teenage stories

Welcome to the topsy turvy wonderland that’s the work of UK-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.


In her much celebrated, award-winning photo series Teenage Stories she populates her landscapes with seemingly indifferent giant girls. Even if you could forget the flawless technical execution in her photographs, the study of  that sort of ho-hum teenage banality really pops to life when you imagine one of these bored girls squashing your car. The juxtaposition of the nature of adolescent reality against this Alice in Suburbia non-reality makes for an endlessly fascinating play in her work.





  1. I really like these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. these are fantastic, thanks for pointing them out


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  2. […] very mainstream way, but so has equally brilliant photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten in her series “Teenage Stories”.  Like Crewdson, she takes the everyday suburban landscape and populates it with something […]

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