troika: cloud

I want one of these in my living room. Looking to bring a little new-wave pizazz to their understandably high traffic Heathrow Terminal 5, British Airways commissioned UK art and design studio Troika to create “Cloud”.


Suspended in the air between 4 escalators and 2 concourses, the 5-metre long digital sculpture is covered with 4638 individually controlled flip dots. Silver on one side and black on the other, a computer controls the sculpture creating an almost organic, living skin. The versatility and subtlety of the movement is amazing. It’s almost hypnotic and it’s totally got to be seen to be believed:


  1. Wow, that’s so cool. Completely hypnotizing. I want one for my room too! Sometimes I get silly and will listen to techno music in a dark room with a mirror ball spinning and disco lights going. Hee hee. This would be even better.

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