mtv think: “subway” + “family room”.

MTV’s social and activist network, Think, is seriously laying it down lately. In an increasingly desensitized world, they’re doing all the right things to get a message across; they know it needs to be honest, it needs to mean something, and it needs to be relatable. Especially when it comes to the treacherous, though well-meaning, tight rope walked by Public Service Announcements. We’ve all seen PSA’s that played it so safe or, conversely, were so ridiculously over the top, that they were laughable and ineffective. Like the unintentionally hilarious and impotent WSIB spots from late last year.

These new spots, directed by Michael Franzini, are perfectly suited to their goal. Realistic and relevant. They made me feel cold and put a stone in my stomach:


  1. […] awareness ad “Shot” to the shocking realism and quiet truth of MTV Think’s “Subway” and “Family Room”, they consistently get it bang on. The mix of message, meaning, and art is […]

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