world carfree day são paulo: tunnel.

We all know just how much the truth sucks. We live in a world dominated by automobiles. We ignore the advancement of greener technologies and cleaner vehicles because our governments get huge funding from automobile manufacturers and oil companies. Even as the world’s temperature rises, we continue to build more cars, burn more oil, and do more harm.

Since 2000, World Carfree Day has worked to drive awareness of just what we’re doing with the simplest of dares: don’t get in a car for one whole day. In 2007, supporters in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the world’s most polluted cities, went to work to show people just dire the situation has become. Their graffiti-like messages weren’t created by painting on buildings, but by simply removing the grime that’s already there. A message to fight pollution created from the very effects of the pollution itself:

(Agency: Lew’Lara / TBWA)

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