gap: sound of color.

I don’t know if this could really be called a genuine viral, since everybody knew it was happening and that it’s sponsored by Gap. I mean, most virals don’t have a Billboard press release. And by “many”, I really mean “none”. I’m pretty sure the genesis of this project was a bunch of old men wearing ties in a boardroom somewhere, scratching their wallets and asking “what are the cool kids doing these days? we need to move some khakis…”

Despite the sort of desperate-to-be-cool bandwagon-jumping vibe of the whole deal (not too surprising since Gap makes the most world’s most boring, middle of the road clothes), the colour freak in me can’t help but love this site. Plus the musicians they’ve got on board are sick. I tried not to like it, but c’mon, it’s called Sound of Color. It’s right up my alley…


Exploring music inspired the by the mood of color, 5 musicians – Marié Digby (songwriter of the 2007 song of summer “Umbrella”), Dntel, The Ravonettes, The Blakes, and Swizz Beatz – were given a color – red, yellow, green, blue, and black – and asked to write 5 songs about it. Then those tracks were given to 5 video directors. The end result is five original songs and videos, all inspired by the universal language of colour.


The site is beautiful and really seamless. Each colour gives you the song, the video, an interview with the artist, their bio, and a making-of. Plus you can download the tracks for free until March 15th and check out dozens of colour-facts about each hue. Cleopatra wore green to symbolize victory and all that stuff. I love that shit.

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