jung-taek choi: gum flower.

How Asian is this? Combining their fight against the scourge that is gum-spitting (the government of Singapore will actually publically decapitate you for spitting gum out on the street. No, really. I’m not totally sure what they do with your severed head and other viscera, but at least you won’t be spitting gum out anymore…) with the ancient art of origami, Jung-Taek Choi has created the Gum Flower.


Though I’m doubtful you’ll be able to find a public garbage can as lovingly filled with white paper and bubble wrap as the one above, the idea is still interesting. Turn your gum wrapper into a nifty little work of origami. Once you’ve created your flower (this is where it gets weird) all you need to do is spit your gum in the middle of it. I guess it’s like pollination. Then you nestle it gently in a garbage can for the world to admire.


Whatcha Thinkin?

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