peter menzel + faith d’alulsio: hungry planet.

Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective. In an increasingly globalized world, it’s still sometimes shocking to see just how disparate our lives are with other human beings around the world. For their book “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” photographer Peter Menzel and author Faith D’Alulsio embarked on a journey to 24 countries in every continent around the world. Spending a week each with 30 different families, they not only took part in their daily lives but documented how much they ate and what they spent on food in one week.

The results speak plainly for themselves. Not just a matter of poverty versus wealth, but of the obvious quality and health value of what other cultures are eating, usually for less money. Here’s just a sampling of the families, but you can check them all out at the Hungry Planet Flickr set.  Thanks to MK @ SocietalSickeness for sending me this.

Germany – US $500.07



United States – US $341.98



Italy – US $260.11


Egypt – US $68.53


Mongolia – $40.02


Breijding (Sudanese refugee camp in Chad) – US $1.23 



  1. sedgehammer says:

    As usual, this post thrills me with its awesomeness. When coupled with the Free Rice posting, I feel like my brain is poking itself with new knowledge. World food awareness, here I come!

  2. This is super cool. It’s amazing how simple and straightforward the point comes across through these pictures. Like, where’s the fruit and veg in the American family photo?! It’s shocking. I checked to see if there was a Greek family shot, but I couldn’t find it. I wanted to see the big fuc*ing hunk of FETA on the table. : )

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