trekking mahlzeiten: cheeseburger in a can.

This is all kinds of wrong. Is it strange that in some kind of Andy Warhol-esque way I want this more as a work of art then as an actual foodstuff? Come to think of it, “foodstuff” is a good definition for whatever this… thing… is.


The brain-child of Swiss company Katadyn, which specializes in ready-made meals for campers and athletes (though I’m not sure which athlete would actually consume a canned burger) through it’s Trekking Mahlzeiten brand, this cheeseburger lasts for 12 months. That’s right. Something that supposedly contains cheese and meat has a one-year shelf life. That just ain’t right, and yet there’s something about it that’s oddly fascinating.

If the cheeseburger isn’t your thing – and how could it not be – then they’ve also got dehydrated wine. Coming in handy single serving pouches, much like Crystal Light, just rip open, add water, and stir. Sommeliers everywhere just cringed.

Whatcha Thinkin?

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