anne de vries: “eye candy” + “knowledge” + “game”.

Dutch artist Anne de Vries‘ work is right up my alley. It’s weird, colourful, makes no sense, and, in the case of her sculpture “Eye Candy” (2008) has think, glistening laqcuer-like paint oozing out of soda cans and chocolate bars. I don’t know what it means, and I don’t care…


His photos have that completely non-sensical, yet still based in this every-day feeling. Like in “Knowledge” (2008), where the man with the wires for a head is having breakfast. I’m not sure if I’m more interested in that he has wires for a head, or that he’s somehow made his way over that hurdle and now just wants some breakfast of milk and books.


My other fave on his site is “Game” (2008). There’s something about people doing mundane things that are subtly not so mundane that I really love.


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