jawbone: “sean & randy”.

Hmmm. So, part of me wants to get offended that Jawbone is hoping people’s out-dated over-reactions to homosexuals making out will make them think this ad is funny. The other part of me wants to watch these two rugby dudes get Greek on each other. I’m not sure which part is winning, but what I do know is that I definitely don’t feel any closer to being one of those jerk-offs that walks down the street talking into a cel phone headset. From a distance, headsets make you look like you’re delusional and talking to yourself. From close up, they make you look like a douche.

Using a headset is lose-lose. Not even shirtless male rugby players making out will change that.

(Agency: Anomaly)


  1. I think the spot kicks butt.
    98% of advertising is so much pandering chickenshit.
    The babes are hot…so is the cellphone and so are the guys.

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