craig kanarick: rock made.

I don’t exactly know what it is about photographing candy that makes me so giddy and excited, it just does. If you’ve got high-res high-art snaps of shellac-covered candies, then I want to buy them. In the same vein as one of my fave Canadian art photographers, Liz Wolfe, comes the purely awesome New York candyfreak Craig Kanarick.


At Rock Made, the site he shares with his wife, artist and author Rebecca Odes, you can check out the full range of his candy close-ups. His intensely zoomed-in photos are beautiful, structural, memory-inducing, and fun. It’s like you can feel the glucose seeping, through osmosis, into your eyeballs. He constructs modern candy landscapes and explores not just the immediate joy created by the candy itself, but (oh….get this) the shapes and colours created by the symmetry and natures of the candies themselves.

I would sell my first born for a series of Craig Kanarick prints. And at prices ranging from $850 to $2500 per print, I’d pretty much have to. I especially would for some of the works from his 2004 series – behold “Green Candies I”, “Purple Candies I”, “Yellow Candies I”, “Red Candies I”, “Blue Candies I”, and, perhaps shockingly, “Orange Candies I”. I love them and I want them and I deserve them. Damn it.

Picture a pure white wall, expansive and architectural and leading to a window, with six of his colour-based candy studies generously leading you into the sunlight…


candy4.jpg candy1.jpg



  1. Those delicious looking fruit slices… yeah, that is a candy that my jewish grandma always had for us! BLESS THE FRICKIN JEWS! Love ya Jer!

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