agata jaworska: made in transit + gropak.

One of my favourite things in the world are those Boston leaf lettuces – the ones that come with the little piece of moist dirt wrapped around the roots so that the lettuce is actually still growing a little. Despite the fact that it’s travelled from Boston in a plastic box, it tastes fresher and more alive than something that’s been totally separated from it’s growth source.

I’m also assuming Boston lettuce comes from Boston, but that could be a big assumption.



An evolution in the growing idea of sustainability during transit is the Gropak for Made in Transit. Designed by Poland-born, Canada-raised, and now Netherlands-based designer Agata Jaworska, this packaging prototype is designed so that the oyster mushrooms inside would actually grow during shipping and be harvested by the consumer just before eating. Fresh. We all know, even though we don’t like to think about it, that food slowly starts to die as soon as it’s harvested, so Made in Transit looks at ways to create growth during the entire supply chain process.

Agata’s a little bit brilliant, and she’s even got a funky little vid to explain the whole scheme behind Made in Transit:


  1. God.. very Bright and really fresh idea..


  1. […] role as an example leader is ‘ Grown in transit’ by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Agata Jaworska whose concept is simple: the food grows in the package as it is in transit to reach you changing […]

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