contemporary arts muesum of castilla y león.

I now know where I want my ashes to go when I die. That place is the Contemporary Arts Museum of Castilla y León (MUSAC) in León, Spain. I think these pictures pretty much speak for the pure awesomeness that awaits my cremains…



I’m not entirely sure yet where I want my ashes to go. Either mixed into some kind of windex cleaning fluid and then shot onto the outside with a firehose, or perhaps displayed in one of MUSAC’s many gracefully sloping and multi-hued hallways…



In 2007, Spanish architects Mansilla + Tuñòn very deservingly won the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – the Mies van der Rohe Award – for the prismatic peep-show. It’s almost hard to believe that the thick, lustrous blocks of colour are an actual building’s façade. They seem almost too rich and beautiful, like they should still be in the design phase somehow. The glass panels surrounding the entry plaza, though at first glance they could seem to have been inspired by modern art or a paint can or a pack of Skittles, were actually created by enlarged and then digitally pixelating a high-resolution photo of El Haconero (The Falconer) – a stained glass panel in León’s 13th century cathedral.

No matter how man pics I see of this joint, they never fail to thrill me. You simply can’t take a bad picture of it…



The interiour of the Museum is in stark and simple contrast to the gleaming, coloured outside; pre-fab and unfinished concrete beams, smooth woods, and simple glass follow an organically unfolding system of inter-connected halls, similar to a honeycomb. The Museum’s organizational nature is unconventional as well; MUSAC has no permanent exhibitions. Just as the architects were inspired to create the space as “covered, sheltered market streets” inspired by Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, the actual artists represented will constantly shift with that same sort of vibrant but temporary energy.


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