alexander wiethoff: colour vision.

We all know that our senses are deeply inter-connected, and that the colours we see affect (and are affected by) our mood, and that our mood affects (and is affected by) our body language. What a tangled web colour weaves. Deep inside our brain, there are synapses and nerve endings who’ve got this whole thing locked down, but scientists and colour theorists are just beginning to understand just how complex these processes really are.


German interaction designer Alexander Wiethoff‘s “Colour Vision”, an interactive installation at Rohrbach, Austria’s Museum of Perception (try and tell me that’s not a place you’d like to spend a day in…) is a study of how our body language affects colour, and vice versa. Guests enter the room and based on how they move, sit, or stand, the rooms colour automatically shifts to reflect it. Bouncing up and down creates yellow, while outstretching your arms summons red. Slumping down in the chair in the centre of the exhibit turns the room blue, while green, the colour of creativity, is brought out by tilting the held or placing your chin, like The Thinker, into your hands.

Whatcha Thinkin?

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