schweppes: “burst”.

I love this ad because it doesn’t try so hard to tell you something. It doesn’t struggle. Much like the brilliant Sony Bravia ads, it gives you room to breathe. It doesn’t rush, but it slowly creates a mood and a feeling, then lets you take the time to live within it’s bubble and figure out what’s going on. Sure, in the end it’s just an ad for soda, but what a magnificent ad for soda it is…

In case you’re wondering, the a-may-zing song in the spot is called “To Build A Home” and is by one of my fave artists, The Cinematic Orchestra.

(Agency: George Patterson Y&R. Director: Garth Davis)


  1. […] Schweppes. Following the subtle, visual brilliance of their gorgeous slow-mo North American spot “Burst” comes the fruit-laden psychadelic mind trip of France’s […]

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