julius popp: bit.fall.

German-born artist Julius Popp is the man behind “bit.fall” – a machine that controls falling streams and drips of water to create beautiful, and incredibly temporary, words and images. The same technology behind the whole Jeep Waterfall that made waves (I couldn’t resist…) at autoshows in 2007, I like this work better because it’s aim is cultural, not commercial. bit.fall scans the internet and randomly pulls the most popular words, turns them into water, and drops them. It’s almost like aquatic data visualization. Described by Popp himself as a “metaphor for the incessant flood of information we are exposed to”, the end result is just incredibly beautiful.

If you’re interested in how the whole thing works, then check out this interview with Popp.

Via Pan-Dan


  1. Jeffrey Spalding says:

    How do I contact the artist or his gallery?
    Jeffrey Spalding
    Museum of Contemporary Art, Calgary, Canada


  1. […] with cascading water of the installation forming into words against the sandstone backdrop (see a video of the work). Another great experience was walking into a sound installation tunnel by Christopher Townend, […]

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