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I wish I’d found out about this on, oh… say January 1st, but I’m only about two months late.


The latest in Craig Geffen’s duo of photographic time-keeping sites, the inspirations for came to him while riding his bicycle around Australis and wondering about the re-design for his already existing site,

His Brady-esque take on the calendar was completely conceptualized and coded by Geffen himself. Everyone in the 3,992 pictures (and I shudder to think about how he would have had to keep them all organized, facing the right angles, to make this thing work…) are all friends of his. I go there every day – almost not so much to see what day it is (I already know that) but more just to see if he ever fucks it up. He never does.

Humanclock is the site that started it all. Created in 2001, you just pick your timezone and the site shows you a photo representing the time. The pic changes each minute, and each minute has several photos sent in from all around the world. Here’s the one I got, sent from Tel Aviv, at the minute I started writing this post. Clearly, it’s fate, and I’m a big fan of anything involving what appears to be some kind of Tropical Skittle (or the Israeli version, at any rate):


Humanclock gets really addictive really fast, and the inventiveness of the photos never gets old. Price tags, license plates, people lying in the middle of the road – you never know what you’re gonna’ get. Similar to other personalized user-contributed photo sites (like the amazing You Are Beautiful), there’s something about the easy straight-forwardness of all this that I really enjoy. We’re dealing with some pretty quantified concepts here, and yet they seem so organic and happy on his sites.


  1. Nice, how i can put at my blog

  2. Angela says:

    I love this so much!! I wish I had this calendar!
    Nice find! remember when you find the coolest stuff!!….genious

  3. fivehusbands says:

    How do you do it? You find the most wonderful oddities. Your Husband No. 2 (I believe that is what you told me) is a very lucky fellow indeed.


  1. […] am everywhere and that’s not changing anytime soon. Similar to Craig Geffen’s awesome Humanclock, which collects photos from around the world visualizing every minute of every day, ten:15 wants […]

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