jk keller: living my life faster + more @ c71123.com.

I’ve found the most random website ever, and I love it. I love it long time.

JK Keller is a Michigan-based artist, thinker, filmmaker, and all around good time. His site, c71123.com, lets you dig through all of his various projects. This dude is eclectic and unpredicatable; video, photgraphy, print, drawing, design, fashion, complete random oddities… he’s pretty much got all his bases covered. The 25 different projects are a treasure trove, a diary, a dusty attic, a psychological study, and a book of doodles all rolled into one. He shows us everything but tells us nothing – it’s up to us to figure it all out.


He seems to be best-known for his longest, largest, and most on-going project: Living My Life Faster: 8 Years of JK’s Daily Photo Project. Judging by the more than 800,00 YouTube hits this has it’s already been around the net for a while, but it’s my first time finding it. Basically, he’s been taking a picture of himself every day for the last 8 years. Beginning on October 1, 1996, the video of the compiled pics literally lets you watch him morph from his early 20s to his early 30s. It also really, really, really made me wonder why he had the same pair of glasses for so long. When he finally got some new specs, the relief and joy I felt was almost disturbingly satisfying.

But that’s just the beginning. Another one of my faves is “Sign Language Matchbooks“. As the name implies, he made the sign language alphabet out of matchbooks. Behold:


He’s also done some pretty crazy data visualizations and other programs that modify existing digital data to create art. In “Volumetric Redundancies” he wrote a program that scans a text for repeated words and uses the info create cyclonic data representations. Keller explains it best himself: “The more the word is used, the larger its cube gets. Red cubes are words that are not unique, blue cubes are. The size of the rings is determined by the size of the paragraphs.”


Keller has an cool knack to swing from the theoretical and abstract to the fun and tangible. With “Box Bots“, he makes robot sculptures out of commercially-branded boxes. We’re not just talking about a head and four limbs. These are some crazy high-tech more-than-meets-the-eye type robots. This is just a sampling of the dozens of Box Bots, but it includes my two favourties: Bounce Bot and Dove Bot.



  1. Nicole says:

    All brilliant people are from Michigan!

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